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No.28 - August 2011

Joyce Allingham's Films Saturday 10th September 2011
Our Patron, Joyce Allingham, died ten years ago and it seems appropriate to view the films she made about Essex. David Cleveland, founder and former director of the East Anglian Film Archive, will be discussing her films and showing a selection of them including one featuring her sister Margery. Full details on the enclosed booking form which should be returned to Jo Hesslewood by 1st September.
On 30 July 2011 20 members of the Society were enthralled by Professor Shelley Channon's talk, "Campion's Amnesia: A neuropsychological analysis". In her thought-provoking and entertaining presentation, she made reference to the very moving story of Clive Wearing, who developed one of the most serious recorded cases of amnesia - the ITV documentary about him was called 'The Man with the Seven Second Memory'. Members might be interested to know that Clive's wife, Deborah, has written about their experiences in the book Forever Today, (subtitled ‘A Memoir of Love and Amnesia’). This was published by Corgi in 2005, ISBN 978 0 552 77169 6.
Christmas Dinner
Is anyone interested in meeting for dinner towards the end of the year? Not a formal event, just the chance to get together and have a chat with friends. If so, let Jo know.
27th September 2011. Writing in Different Periods: WW2 and the present day
A panel discussion run by Mystery Women. The panel will be Natasha Cooper, Gordon Ferris, Isabelle Grey, John Lawton and Laura Wilson (participating moderator). Everyone is welcome to attend. Further details will shortly be posted on their website,
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