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No.14 - January 2007

A happy new year to all our members
Future Events
The will be a visit to the Albert Sloman Library at the University of Essex, Colchester on Friday 30th March.
After lunching in Colchester, we shall spend the afternoon at the Library, ending with refreshments at teatime. There will be a display of material from the Margery Allingham archive and the Sloman's librarian, Mr Robert Butler will speak.
For members who are also in the Dorothy L. Sayers Society this follows on from the Sayers mini-festival at Witham from 28 - 29 March. It is hoped that this will be convenient rather than otherwise.
Please let Marianne know by Wednesday 31 January if you would like to attend. Apologies to those for whom Fridays are working days. It was not possible to arrange a Saturday visit.
Precise details of the event will be sent to those wishing to attend by Wednesday 28 February.
AGM and Birthday Lunch 19 May 2007
This year's Allingham-Campion birthday party will be held at the University Women's Club in South Audley Street on Saturday 19 May, the day before the joint birthday. It will be preceded by the Society's AGM, as usual.
Our guest speaker will be Jonathan Gash, creator of the maverick antique dealer Lovejoy and a great admirer of Margery Allingham.
Convention at Wheaton College, Illinois 13 - 17 June 2007
The Dorothy L. Sayers Society is holding its second American convention at Wheaton College, Illinois in June. By the generosity of the Chairman and committee of the Sayers Society, Margery Allingham Society members are invited to attend. There will be three items on the programme relating to Margery Allingham: a talk by Seona Ford on Murder in East Anglia, in which Margery will figure; a talk by Jasmine Simeone on Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham; and a talk by Susan Peters on an aspect of Allingham. Details of the convention as published by the Sayers Society are enclosed.
Please note that 'the enclosed booking form' mentioned is not, in fact, enclosed. Allingham Society members are asked to book on-line as indicated or to send a cheque as deposit to The Dorothy L. Sayers Society, Rose Cottage, Malthouse Lane, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9JY. For UK members the deposit is £30 and for US members 55 Dollars. Deposits are non-returnable.
Musical Theatre Evening 21 September 2007
The Margery Allingham Society will join with the Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge Appreciation Society for an evening to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Dancers in Mourning.
We shall meet at the Concert Artists' Association premises in Bedford Street near Covent Garden on 21 September next. Jimmy Sutane and Slippers Bellew were great stars in the imagined world of the novel, and the real life musical theatre of the 1930s was rich in great personalities, the Hulberts prominent amoung them. We aim to combine the fictional world with the real one in an entertaining evening with contributions from both societies.
20th Birthday Party January 2008
Pat Watt founded the Margery Allingham Society in January 1988 and sent out her first newsletter at that time. To celebrate our first twenty years we are planning a party. Details will follow in due course.
Please pay your subscription for 2007 promptly if you have not already done so and you wish to remain a member. If we do not hear from you, you will not hear from us.

Greetings from all at the Glueworks.

From the DLS Society's Bulletin
13-17 June 2007: Wheaton Convention:
The DLS Society is to hold its second Wheaton convention in June 2007, ten years after the first, and Margery Allingham Society members are most welcome to join in.
The convention will begin on Wednesday 13 June and we will therefore have the opportunity to celebrate the annual DLS/Barbara Reynolds birthday with a banquet on the first night.
The accommodation will be in the centre of the campus opposite the dining hall, about 5 minutes’ walk from the auditorium and 5 minutes’ walk from the Marion E Wade Center. Each room is air-conditioned and has 2-3 twin beds; shared washrooms on each floor (no sinks in rooms). There are a very small number of single rooms. Accommodation is allocated on a first come, first served basis. If all these rooms are filled we can provide a list of hotels and car facilities in the area.
The full programme will be sent to all who book their place, by writing to Christopher Dean, Chairman, DLS Society, Rose Cottage Malthouse Lane, Hurstpierpont, West Sussex BN6 9JY enclosing a non-refundable deposit of £30 or cheque for US $55 and clearly stating the reason for your cheque/check (ie for the DLS Convention at Wheaton) and that you are a member of the Margery Allingham Society. At the moment the convention is only open to DLSS or MAS members.
As well as the banquet, speakers and events include Joe Christopher, Steve Clarke, Christopher Dean, Seona Ford, Frances Limoncelli, Marj Mead, Chris Mitchell, Susan Peters, Jasmine Simeone, and Maggie Goodman who will give her performance of Prothalamion to Busman’s Honeymoon; a concert, a performance of Gaudy Night and more.
Costs will include four nights’ bed, linens, meal package, all sessions and breaks, banquet and Gaudy Night ticket. Exact details will be sent to all registrants in the spring – in the meantime:
Costs for each resident in shared room will not exceed £190/$360 and for non-resident £130/$250. Single rates and other non-resident day rates will also be available.
Please note that contrary to a statement in DLSS Bulletin 188, payment in US$ should not be made by credit card for this event, as doing so at the moment will mean you may be charged for currency conversion from dollars to sterling and from sterling back to dollars again in settlement of the conference fees. If you are paying in US$, please do so by a simple dollar check drawn on a US bank, to to Rose Cottage as stated above.

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